College Kissing Photos

On this page you'll find photos of the kissing show. Notice how much fun everyone is having!


Photos of Kissing Show

The first photo is from the University of Richmond kissing show on February 10, 2010. These students are demonstrating the Trobriand Islands kiss. In this kiss, natives from the South Pacific bite the lower lip, pull their partner's hair, and then nibble off the eyelashes. They usually make love in a squatting position and kiss kneeling or squatting. (Photo by Leigh Donahue)

kissing show

Neck Kiss

The neck kiss occurs halfway through the kissing show. It's an important kiss because it illustrates how to kiss the front, side, and back of the neck, something that is often overlooked. Ninety-six percent of women report that a neck kiss is one of their favorite kisses. Only 10 percent of men feel the same way, so this kiss represents a clear gender difference.

kissing show

Car Kiss

The car kiss closes the show. Here you see the girls have climbed onto their boyfriend's lap while he's driving. As the girls lean forward for a kiss, the boys raise one hand off the wheel to spank the girls, closing the show with a demonstration that always gets laughs and applause. Naturally, we don't advise doing this kiss for real—unless you're parked. William Cane can be seen directing the finale in the background, holding a microphone in his left hand, his right hand raised in the air to demonstrate how to deliver the spank.

kissing show

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Kissing Show is on the road a good deal during the academic year, especially in February. However it is important to keep in mind that many of our most successful bookings take place in the fall semester and the summer. In other words, you don't need to book the kissing show on Valentine's Day or in the spring semester to have a terrific turnout. Because your audience, college students, are always interested in kissing!