Kissing Show Clips

On this page you'll find clips from the college kissing show. Notice that this is a show where college students from your school are onstage. They are doing all the demonstrations. They have been carefully rehearsed by William Cane, and yet as you can imagine, the unexpected always occurs!


The Kissing Show

This clip features short excerpts from a number of college kissing shows.

When attending the show, notice that William Cane does not simply stand onstage and lecture. The main focus is your student kissing demonstrators. William Cane moves around and talks to the audience and directs the show, always keeping the mood romantic and lighthearted.

The Kissing Show at the University of Delaware

This clip features kissing demonstrations from the University of Delaware kissing show.

The Kissing Show is always fun, and it typically draws a large crowd. After all, what college student isn't interested in kissing!

The Kissing Show | Overview

This clip is an overview of highlights from the kissing show together with audience reaction after the show.