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Mate Smart

college lecture Mate Smart: Birth Order and Compatibility begins with a slide presentation about celebrities to illustrate how their personality is shaped by the siblings they grew up with. The show also analyzes how birth order impacts romantic compatibility. After the slides, William Cane gives personal compatibility analyses and career advice to audience members based on their unique birth order. Don't miss the fun . . . and the learning experience of a lifetime!

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Subliminal Advertising

college lecture Subliminal Advertising, also known as Sex in Advertising, illustrates how advertisers hide emotionally charged words and images in ads. The slides reveal how images of sex, death, and religion are routinely used to sell alcohol, tobacco, and other products. Funny, eye-opening, and even a little scary, your audience will thank you for booking this unique presentation.

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Dress for Success

college lecture See students from your campus in an educational and entertaining fashion show! Learn why most people dress for failure. Then discover secrets the fashion industry doesn't want you to know, and improve your grades, get a good job, and find a mate by improving your image. Boost your chances for success with this inside information. William Cane is an image consultant whose firm, Manhattan Makeovers, has helped over 3,000 celebrities, attorneys, and A-list actors. Learn to look good and succeed at whatever you do!

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The Kissing Show

college lecture The Kissing Show, also known as The Art of Kissing, features students from your campus doing 30 different romantic kisses onstage! A proven crowd pleaser. The award-winning show has appeared at more than 400 colleges and universities.

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Write Like the Masters

write like the masters Write Like the Masters is a program about how to learn writing secrets from authors like Balzac, Dickens, Hemingway, Faulkner, Salinger, and more. The award-winning speaker, William Cane, begins with a slide presentation, then talks about how the rhetorical technique of imitation was phased out of American education around 1930, and finally he explains how modern writers can improve their style, plotting, and characterization by learning from the greats who preceded them. This show is ideal for English Honor Societies, writing clubs, country clubs, and any intellectually curious group of people, old or young, who are interested in reading and writing.

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Many schools book two of the above shows, running them back to back on successive days. For example, the kissing show and Mate Smart are a popular combination. Schools with multiple campuses often bring the kissing show to their university for two or more performances.

How to Break Into Publishing With Your First Book

how to get published How to Break Into Publishing With Your First Book explains how to break into the lucrative field of book publishing. Today one of the hottest assets is intellectual property (including book rights). Once you know the secrets, you'll see that it's easier than ever to break into book publishing, even if you're still in college or over 50 and retired! Let best-selling author and former professor of English William Cane take you through the process step by step. This inspirational show is ideal for writing clubs, sophisticated college audiences, and country clubs and private clubs where people are interested in a new writing career.

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