William Cane

Author of the international best seller The Art of Kissing, William Cane has presented the kissing show at more than 400 colleges across North America. Affectionately known as the kissing doctor by TV and radio producers, he has appeared on almost every major television talk show discussing his work.


The man behind the kissing show:

William Cane began his professional life as an attorney, but after practicing law for a short time he switched careers and became a professor of English. It was while teaching at Boston College that he wrote The Art of Kissing. When the book became an international best seller (translated into nineteen languages) his life changed overnight. He was invited by resident assistants at BC to talk about the subject, and he asked the organizers, "Do you have some students who might like to demonstrate the techniques?" When he showed up, four couples were waiting backstage. Cane rehearsed them in the different kisses and then went in front of a roomfull of laughing cheering students. And a show was born.

William Cane

When word of the success of the kissing show spread, Cane found himself traveling to many local colleges. Now he uses a lecture agent (the Contemporary Issues Agency) to coordinate his shows, and he has appeared at more than 400 colleges and universities across North America. The kissing show is better than ever, too, and he still loves doing it because each group of demonstrators is different and they bring new excitement to the performance. After all, no two French kisses are ever the same!

Fun facts about William Cane: In addition to being considered the world's leading authority on kissing, William Cane is also an authority on birth order and its impact on romantic compatibility. His book The Birth Order Book of Love discusses how siblings impact personality and romantic interactions. Cane also presents a show about birth order. That show, Mate Smart, is often booked by colleges along with the kissing show because the two shows work well together.

More Fun Facts

William Cane is also a Vedic scholar, having traveled to India in 2007 to study with Swami Sharma.

William Cane

(Photo: Vedanta scholar Sharma (left) and William Cane in New Delhi.)