Welcome to the kissing show!

This is the show you've heard so much about. The show is brought to you by your college Student Activities Board. Directed by best-selling author William Cane, this is the only authorized kissing show in the country. Also known as The Art of Kissing, and you've never seen anything like it!


The idea behind the kissing show:

College entertainment at its best. Students from your campus demonstrate thirty different types of romantic kisses onstage. A proven crowd pleaser.

The audience enters the auditorium knowing that they're coming to a kissing show, but they don't exactly know what to expect. They're filled with anticipation. In fact, their imagination is working overtime. Then the couples come onstage and bedlam breaks loose. Here are their friends, and they're going to be doing a . . . kissing demonstration. Unbelievable! And yet in the next few minutes the audience feasts its eyes on thirty different kisses, including the upside-down kiss, lip-o-suction, the Trobriand Islands kiss, and of course the French kiss. At the end of the show William Cane even goes into a huge mouth onstage to show how the tongues move for a French kiss, and people are crying tears of laughter. The following video clip from the kissing show illustrates how much fun it is for a college audience.

Please note: This is a show for college audiences. It has been performed at more than 400 colleges and universities across North America. It works because it has one goal and that is to entertain. The demonstrations are appropriate for even the most conservative school. In fact, this show was born at Boston College, a Catholic university. It has been a hit at Mormon colleges and Southern colleges. It is funny, unique, and romantic. Funnier than a comedian, more entertaining than a hypnotist, the kissing show typically draws a larger crowd than a band.

The Art of Kissing

If you like to kiss (and what college student doesn!) this show is for you. You'll have an hour of entertainment and your audience will be talking about the kissing show for weeks. Your student activities office will become more popular than ever. The demonstrators will enjoy themselves and so will you. Bring the kissing show to your school—you'll be glad you did!